3D modelling

The creation/rendering of three-dimensional objects by developing a mathematical wireframe.

Above the Line Promotion

Promotion in the media where the advertiser pays an agency to place the ad.

Acquisition Cost

The cost of signing up a new customer.


The practice of supporting a person or company to make their message heard


People who are similar in lifestyle

Affinity Analysis

A process of finding relationships between customer purchases.

Affinity Marketing

A targeted way of marketing products and services by linking complementary brands. Can develop them into lasting partnerships and strategic alliances.


The positioning of a body of text.


Changes made to copy after it has been set in type.

Ambient Experiences

Marketing using unconventional media. An element of Guerrilla Marketing.

Ambient Media

Non-traditional, alternative media placement that pushes a brand message in front of consumers and can develop even better top of mind recall within target audiences. Examples include messages on back of receipts, on hanging straps in railway carriages, projections on buildings, etc.


Creating a timed sequence of series of graphic images or frames together to give the appearance of continuous movement.

AO to A6

Finished paper sizes.

Application Service Provider (ASP)

A company which provides the technology to broadcast an email campaign but requires the client company to carry out the broadcast by accessing the technology via the web.


Programs that function and are operated by means of a computer, with the purpose of supporting or improving the software user’s work.

Art Direction

The management of the artistic and design elements of a project.

Art Paper

Paper finished with china clay giving a smooth surface either matte or gloss.


Any non-typeset drawing, photo, illustration, or lettering to be printed/used on a product.


Releasing company news to imitate grassroots popularity.

Audience Profiling

Defining the target market audience that is most appropriate for a given product or service

Audience Research + Targeting

Background research conducted in order to reach consumers based on various traits such as demographics, purchase history, or observed behaviour in order to decide campaign direction and advertisement placement.

Audio/Visual (AV)

Refers to equipment and applications that deal with sound and sight.

AV Material

Audio/visual materials in non-print form, such as CDs and DVDs

B0 to B6

Trimmed paper sizes larger than the A range.


Lightweight paper under 60gsm.


A graphic that appears on a web page that is usually hyperlinked to an advertiser’s web site. May be in a variety of formats including GIF, JPEG, Flash, HTML, Java, JavaScript & more.


A static or sequential sequence of black vertical lines on forms holding price of product details which require scanning.

Below the Line

A form of advertising involving direct contact with the customer using less conventional methods and media to promote products and services.

Below the Line Promotion

Subtle short-term incentives.


An outdoor advertisement on a large board usually placed along the side of busy roads.


A computer method of storing graphic files.

Blind Embossing

A relief stamped onto paper with a die from the back so that a raised image appears on the front which can be printed or plain.


The design and editing of a blog - a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Body Copy

The text of a print ad, not including the headline, logo, or subscript material.

Boiler Plate

Any text that is often reused without being changed from document to document.

Bold Face

Heavier, thicker typeface.


Slightly heavier paper normally used for letterheads.

Bonded Sender

Anti-Spam system in which legitimate email marketing companies pay a bond to the ISP as a guarantee that they will not breach the ISP’s guidelines on Spam, in return for which the ISP guarantees to deliver their emails.


An email that is unable to be delivered to the intended recipient because of a temporary problem, such as a full mailbox (‘soft bounce’), or a permanent error such as an incorrect email address (‘hard bounce’)

Bounce back

The practice of sending another identical (or similar) catalogue back to someone who has just ordered something from one of your catalogues.

Bounce Management

The process of tracking emails that bounce and indentify why they have bounced in order to attempt to redeliver them.


Labels of ownership: name, term, design, symbol, etc.

Brand Development

The development of a brand’s image with its cultural accessories and personal philosophies.

Brand Experience

The cumulative brand impressions garnered from visual, verbal and experiential encounters with the brand.

Brand Extension

The expanded use of an established brand name or trademark to new products to promote sales.

brand name

A name used to distinguish one product from its competitors. Can apply to a single product, an entire product line, or even a company.


The instructions from a client to a consultancy.


A printed piece folded into panels.


Paper used to produce clean, sharp proof prior to outputting film.

Burst Binding

Used in perfect binding thicker than normal publications. Prior to adhesive being applied, the exposed edges of the collated printed pages are roughed up with shallow slits to allow the glue to penetrate deeper and give a stronger finish.

Business Card

A small print advertisement announcing a business that does not change over time.

Buzz Marketing

Cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or service to others in their communities.


A specific coordinated advertising effort on behalf of a particular product or service that extends for a specified period of time.

Campaign Strategy

A marketing communication plan for a client, including analyzing the company and the consumer, choosing the message strategy, building the brand, setting media objectives, and designing sales promotions.


An advertisement’s headline

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Style sheets that enable website designers to define how different elements of a site will appear on each page.

CD Art

Original art, illustration, photographs and layout for CD packaging.

Challenge Response

Anti-Spam authentication process which requires the sender of an email to prove their legitimacy before being added to the recipient’s Buddy List for simple delivery of subsequent emails.


A designer’s method of making an overlap of colours where a lighter colour encloses a dark one.


The practice of customers switching to another supplier based on special discount offers.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The number of people who click on a link in a marketing email or on an online advertisement, to take the through to a website, expressed as a percentage of the total number of people the email was sent to.


Process colours used to create full colour documents; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Co-op mailing

A mailing in which two or more offers — usually from different companies — are included in the same envelope, and share the costs.


The practice of inviting consumers to register with their details with a company while they are in the process of registering their details with another company, for instance when they are opening a web based e-mail account. Co-registration is popular because it enables the consumer to register their details with multiple companies, while completing personal information only once.


Gathering/sorting papers into correct order.

Colour Proof

An early full-colour print of a finished advertisement, used to evaluate the advertisements final appearance.

Colour Separation

Separation of the artwork into the 4 separate CMYK colours in order to produce 4 films.

Comment tags

Tags in HTML code which enable designers and programmers to make comment or remarks for later navigation.


Radio and TV advertisements.

Community Relations

The communications function used to convey facts and data about a client to the public or specific publics and to educate and inform them about the client’s work in the community and on its behalf.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

The application of computer graphics.


Alternating folds within a sheet.

Consumer Profile

A demographic description of the people or house-holds that are prospects for a product or service.

Content Sponsorship

A type of online advertising where the advertiser has limited control and submits their own content to the site as well as having an advert on the page


A type of online advertising where targeted adverts appear based on the page’s actual content.


A mailing to the same list following a successful test of a portion of the list.


Products or services bought as a series of small purchases, rather than all at one time.

Continuous Stationary

Stationary produced for business computers which use impact printers with tractor feed.


The number of people who, having clicked through to an offer on a website, go on to make a purchase.


A small piece of code embedded within an email which enables the sender to match recipients of the email with consumers who subsequently click through to a website from the email, or who subsequently visit the website independently of receiving the email.


The printed text or spoken words in an advertisement.


Writing text for an advertisement that captures the attention of the reader, generates interest and desire, and prompts action.

Corporate Communications

Communications that serve as the liaison between an organization and its publics such as newsletters, videos, special event planning, etc.

Corporate Identity

How a particular business is perceived by its customers and the marketplace comprised of its name, logo, typeface, colours, slogan, etc.

Corporate Social/Environmental Responsibility (CSR)

Taking positive action to show an organisation has a responsible attitude to the people and environment it impacts on.

Cost Per Impression (CPI)

A form of online advertising related to web traffic which measures the worth and cost of a specific e-marketing campaign.

Cost Per Rating Point (CPR)

A figure indicating the dollar cost of advertising exposure to one percentage point of the target group, audience, or population.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

A dollar comparison that shows the relative cost of various media or vehicles; indicated the dollar cost of advertising exposure to a thousand households or individuals.


The number or percentage of individuals or households that are exposed to a medium or to an advertising campaign.

Creative Strategy

An outline of what message should be conveyed, to whom, and with what tone.


The art directors and copywriters in an ad agency.

Crisis Management

The communications management function used to convey accurate facts and data to the general public and to specific publics during a crisis situation.


Normally used for colour print production as a proof of true representation of the film, giving register, screen rulings and resolution of all the elements.


Trimming unwanted portions of an image or illustration.


Encouraging customers to buy products from other departments or categories.

Customer Acquisition

Methodologies and systems used to manage customer prospects and inquiries.

Customer Lifetime Value

The predicted value, in monetary terms, to an organisation, of an individual customer over the duration of the customer’s relationship with the organisation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A combination of policies, processes, and strategies that unify customer interactions and provide a mechanism for tracking customer information.


Area or shape removed from within the body of the printed form.

Data Analysis (DDA)

Evaluation of data.