Ambient Media

Non-traditional, alternative media placement that pushes a brand message in front of consumers and can develop even better top of mind recall within target audiences. Examples include messages on back of receipts, on hanging straps in railway carriages, projections on buildings, etc.

Audience Research + Targeting

Background research conducted in order to reach consumers based on various traits such as demographics, purchase history, or observed behaviour in order to decide campaign direction and advertisement placement.


A graphic that appears on a web page that is usually hyperlinked to an advertiser’s web site. May be in a variety of formats including GIF, JPEG, Flash, HTML, Java, JavaScript & more.


An outdoor advertisement on a large board usually placed along the side of busy roads.


Labels of ownership: name, term, design, symbol, etc.

Brand Development

The development of a brand’s image with its cultural accessories and personal philosophies.

Brand Extension

The expanded use of an established brand name or trademark to new products to promote sales.

brand name

A name used to distinguish one product from its competitors. Can apply to a single product, an entire product line, or even a company.


A specific coordinated advertising effort on behalf of a particular product or service that extends for a specified period of time.


Radio and TV advertisements.

Consumer Profile

A demographic description of the people or house-holds that are prospects for a product or service.

Content Sponsorship

A type of online advertising where the advertiser has limited control and submits their own content to the site as well as having an advert on the page


A type of online advertising where targeted adverts appear based on the page’s actual content.

Cost Per Rating Point (CPR)

A figure indicating the dollar cost of advertising exposure to one percentage point of the target group, audience, or population.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

A dollar comparison that shows the relative cost of various media or vehicles; indicated the dollar cost of advertising exposure to a thousand households or individuals.


The number or percentage of individuals or households that are exposed to a medium or to an advertising campaign.

Creative Strategy

An outline of what message should be conveyed, to whom, and with what tone.


The art directors and copywriters in an ad agency.

Customer Lifetime Value

The predicted value, in monetary terms, to an organisation, of an individual customer over the duration of the customer’s relationship with the organisation.


Specific segments of the broadcast day such as day-time, prime time, late night.


The population characteristics of a particular audience.

Drive Time

Radio broadcast time during morning and evening commuter rush hours


Online adverts that appear when a user first goes to a webpage that ‘float’ over the page for five to thirty seconds.


The number of times an average audience member sees or hears an advertisement, the number of times an individual or household is exposed to an advertisement or campaign (freq. of exposure), the number of times that an advertisement is run (freq. of insertion).

Gross Rating Points (GRPs)

The total number of broadcast rating points delivered by an advertiser’s television schedule, usually in a one-week period; an indicator of the combined audience percentage reach and exposure frequency achieved by an advertising schedule


An advertisement that is enclosed with bills or letters; a one-page or multi-page print advertisement that is distributed with the publication and may or may not be bound into it.


Meaning ‘in between’, an online advert that appears in a separate browser window while you wait for a Web page to load. Interstitials are more likely to contain large graphics, streaming presentations, and applets than conventional banner ads.


The length of time during which an advertisement is used

Lifestyle Profiles

Classifying media audiences on the basis of career, recreation, and/or leisure patterns or motives.


Advertisements intended to induce direct ordering of merchandise through the mail; the advertisements them- selves are not necessarily distributed through the mail and may appear in other advertising media.

Market Potential

The reasonable maximum market share or sales level that a product or service can be expected to achieve.

Market Share

A company’s or brand’s portion of the sales of a pro- duct or service category.

Media Buying

The purchasing of time and ad space for advertising.

Media Consultancy

An approach to identify goals and objectives while staying within a given budget.

Media Planning

Determining the best use of available media platforms to achieve business objectives while staying within a given budget.


Using the internet to distribute a message and attract customers. Includes search engine results, banner ads, email-marketing, etc.

Online Directories

A type of online advertising that gives the advertiser listings on the website.


Any type of advertising that reaches consumers out-of-home in public places, in-transit or waiting. Includes billboards, public benches, interiors and exteriors of buses.


A series of broadcast programs that an advertiser may sponsor.

Pass-along Readers

Readers of a publication who acquire a copy other than by purchase or subscription.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A pricing model for Search Engine Marketing campaigns based on the number of click-throughs the online advertising generates at the end of the day.


A free mention of a product or service.

Point-of-purchase (POP)

Promotions in retail stores, usually displays.


An advertisement which appears on a website beneath the user’s main web browsing window. The pop-under is, therefore not revealed until the user closes their main browser window.


An advertisement which appears on a website over the user’s main browser window.


The location of an advertisement on a page; the time when a program or commercial announcement will run in a broadcast; special positions may cost premium prices.


Factual, interesting information released to newspapers. Includes advertising done in print publications such as newspapers or magazines.

Primary Audience

Individuals in the print media audience who purchase or subscribe to the publication


A way of grouping people by wealth, orientation, hobbies, and interests.


A commercial, commonly known as a ‘spot,’ via the medium of radio.


The percentage of the potential broadcast audience that is tuned to a particular station, network, or program: the audience of a vehicle expressed as a percentage of the total population of an area.


The total audience that a medium actually reaches.


The percent or number of persons who read a publication or advertisement.

Regular Sponsorship

A type of online advertising where the advertiser has a space to place the logo and company message

Return on Investment (ROI)

A measurement of the profit generated by a campaign as a fraction of the cost of planning and executing the campaign.

share of voice (sov)

The proportion of advertising expenditures that are made for a brand versus competitive brands.


A common banner ad format. Skyscraper ads are most commonly 120×600 pixels, although a relatively new variation on the theme, the wide skyscraper, is gaining ground. These are 160×600.


The purchase of broadcast slots by geographic or station break- downs; the purchase of slots at certain times, usually during station breaks.

strategic consultancy

An approach to identify goals and objectives along with an understanding of the necessary resources to achieve these goals.

strategic placement

The placement of advertisements based on research to best reach a desired target audience.


Subliminal persuasion is the use of an advertising message presented below the threshold of consciousness. A visual or auditory message that is allegedly perceived psychologically, but not consciously. Also called subception.

Target Group

Persons to whom a campaign is directed, having similar characteristics and are prospects for a product or service.

Target Market

The geographic area to which a campaign is directed or where a product is being sold or introduced.

Target Profile

A demographic description of the target groups, including the target markets.


A span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization that conveys a message.


A type of online advert that appears as a TV commercial running in the browser window for ten to thirty seconds.


An individual outlet of an advertising medium.