Data Capture (DAC)

Collecting, formatting and storage of data.

Data Consultancy (CDA)

Assists companies with the development of their data strategies.

Data Enhancement (DAE)

Appending additional information to existing data- e.g. date of birth.

Data Harvesting

Obtaining information about customers/groups to identify patterns and establish relationships that have no previously been discovered.

Data Hygiene (DAH)

Running data against a number of checks and suppression files to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate.

Data Profiling/Segmentation

The process of analysing a database to identify clusters of people who share similar characteristics (age, income, number of children etc.) in order to break the database down into segments that can be targeted with different marketing messages appropriate to each segment of the database.

Data Seeding (DAS)

Provision of independent names and addresses to be used to check the deliverability of a direct marketing campaign.

Data Services

The gathering, modelling, and transforming of data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

Database Building

Assistance in the setting up of a customer and prospect database.

Database Management/Hosting

Third party management or hosting of data.

Database Marketing Collecting

Data on customers and using it to provide recognition and services to customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and repeat sales.

Database Software & Equipment

Provision of technologies and hardware to build and hold databases.


Specific segments of the broadcast day such as day-time, prime time, late night.


The success with which a company or an email broadcaster is able to deliver emails to the intended recipients.


The population characteristics of a particular audience.


The process of creating drawing, lettering, images, and general ornamentation.


Dynamic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). A combination of HTML, style sheets and scripts that make a web page dynamic.

Die Cutting

Using a cutting form to cut a prescribed shape.

Digital Printer

Translating digital data into hard copy output (also referred to as Laser Personalisation).

Digital Strategy

The process of specifying an organization’s vision, initiatives and processes in order to deploy their online assets, including web sites, mini-sites, mobile sites, digital audio and video content, rich Internet applications, community groups, banner ads, search engine marketing, affiliate programs, etc., in a manner which maximizes the business benefits they provide to the organization.


The length and width in mm of the flat size and/or finished size.

Direct Marketing Interactive

Marketing that produces a measurable response or purchase.

Direct Response Advertising

Promotion that seeks not just to provide information, but to generate an inquiry, order or visit.

Domain Keys

Anti-Spam technology relying on a combination of public and private digital keys to verify the identity of the sender and to verify that the email has not been altered in transit.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

A system for translating easy-to-remember domain names into a numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Door-to-door Marketing

A form of direct marketing involving selling via direct contact with the prospective customer.

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

A measure of how many individual dots a printing device can produce per linear inch.

Double Opt-in

Where a consumer gives their explicit consent for a company to send them marketing emails and is then required to confirm that consent by replying the first email sent to them by the company.

Drive Time

Radio broadcast time during morning and evening commuter rush hours


Two colour half-tone produced from a single colour original to produce a subtly coloured image.

Dynamically- generated Content

Email content that is amended in real time according to rules which have been set up relating to the recipient’s previously-expressed preferences or past online behaviour recipient.


The buying and selling of products or services over the Internet or other electronic systems.

E-commerce Response Handling

Facility to process responses either by email or via website response devices.


The marketing of products or services over the Internet in a manner that incorporates design, development, advertising, sales, media, and strategy.


Also known as online PR, this involves communications using the Internet/new technology to communicate with stakeholders.

Email Appending

The process of adding email address details to offline data flies, enabling online marketing activity.

Email Broadcasting

The practice of sending an email to multiple (hundreds, thousands, or hundred of thousands) of recipients, simultaneously or in staggered batches.

Email Marketing

The process of promoting a product or service or an idea by sending direct emails to the target audience.

Email Marketing Database

A collection of names and email addresses residing in an organisation and used for marketing purposes.

Email Parser

Generic description for mechanism that processes emails, such as, the campaign software or custom like EASe.


EmailBureau’s suite of products which improve the deliverability of an email campaign by checking the format and content of the email, checking the accuracy of the addresses on your email database, tracking the delivery of your email, and checking for IP blocking by the ISP’s.


The use of dies to produce a raised effect on paper.


Appending demographic or lifestyle data to a list.

Envelope Converter

Conversation of flat printed sheets into envelopes for dm purposes.

Envelope Manufacturer

Production of plain envelopes.

Event management

The management, preparation and organization of events at which clients are usually showcased.


A method of promotion focused on face to face interaction via live events, trade shows, corporate meetings, etc.


A large-scale public showing of objects, products, or services.


The extent to which the target audience becomes aware of a person, message, activity, theme or organisation.

Fact Sheet

A list of facts prepared for the media that is meant to give a brief overview of a company, individual, event or ongoing situation. Most often used by businesses as part of a media kit.

False Positive

When an ISP arbitrarily junk or “absorbs” a marketing email without sending a bounce notification, leaving you with the impression that an email has been delivered when in fact it hasn’t reached its intended destination.

Familiarization Trips

A trip or tour offered to familiarize the agents with their destination/product and services.

Field Marketing

Marketing executed in the general public such as street surveys.


Medium used to make plates.

Film Spec

Complete specification of how film is to be supplied in order to make plates. Includes positive, light reading, emulsion side down, screen lines, position of scans, crop marks, etc.


Exact register of each colour used on film, proof, or plate.


A software plugin that enables browsers to play multimedia animations. Some rich media advertisements require users to have this plugin.


Online adverts that appear when a user first goes to a webpage that ‘float’ over the page for five to thirty seconds.

Focus Group

A form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their attitude towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.


Different typefaces used in creating original documents.


Specification of size, dimensions, and details of full production requirements.


Web applications managing user-generated content. A message board.


A method of presenting web pages in multiple views, so that one “view” such as a menu bar, can remain visible while the others are scrolled or closed.


The number of times an average audience member sees or hears an advertisement, the number of times an individual or household is exposed to an advertisement or campaign (freq. of exposure), the number of times that an advertisement is run (freq. of insertion).


The length of time between each of several pre-planned communications, such as a daily, weekly or monthly email newsletter, for example.

Friend-get-friend/Member-get-member scheme

Viral marketing campaign by which companies ask registered users or customers to give them the email addresses of their friends so that they can invite them to register their details with the company. Since the introduction of the Privacy in Electronic Communication (Directive) Regulations 2003, such as schemes are no longer legal, through a company can still legally ask registered users to invite their friends to visit its website to take advantage of a special offer or other incentive.


Fulfilment of direct marketing campaigns including the despatch of ordered items.

Graphic Design

The practice of designing print or electronic forms of visual communication combining images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience to produce a specific effect.


Any logos or scanned material.

Grassroots Marketing

Getting consumers and influencers in key markets to care so much about a product or service that they become vocal supporters.

Grey Scale

A range of tones from white to black.

Gross Rating Points (GRPs)

The total number of broadcast rating points delivered by an advertiser’s television schedule, usually in a one-week period; an indicator of the combined audience percentage reach and exposure frequency achieved by an advertising schedule

Guerrilla Marketing

Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.


The gap between the printed areas of two forms being printed side by side.

Hard Bounce

An email which is unable to be delivered to intended recipient because of a permanent error, such as an incorrect email address.


The duty of a host to welcome, receive or entertain guests as well as the relationship between both host and guest.


The authoring language used to create web pages and many marketing emails.

HTML Validation

The process of checking HTML code for errors which would prevent a web page or an HTML email from rendering correctly on a user’s PC.

Identity Packages

Creating logos, letterheads, business cards and envelopes for companies.


Personalised images for use in advertising, product packaging, etc.


How a client is perceived by its publics.

Image Consultant

A professional who maintains and improves a client’s image, often using public relations tactics and part of an overall campaign.

Image Manipulation

The art of combining, cropping, correcting, restoring, and blending photographs or original artwork.

Image Map

An image containing multiple links.


An advertisement that is enclosed with bills or letters; a one-page or multi-page print advertisement that is distributed with the publication and may or may not be bound into it.

Integrated campaign

A multidisciplinary approach which uses a number of marketing communications techniques in order to deliver a consistent set of messages.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

A planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.

Interactive Multimedia

Two-way interaction with multimedia, involving direct responses as opposed to one-way communications from TV, video or other non-responsive media, commonly including data or text entry, mouse input, touch screens, voice commands, video capture and real-time interaction.

Internal communications

Communicating with employees and shareholders to inform them of change (for instance during a company merger), keep them up to date with company news and developments, or to help achieve corporate objectives.

International Mailing

Everything from the design of mail pieces to the actual mailing.

International Mailing Consolidator

Company who collates items for international mail from a variety of customers, despatching them when a minimum weight or quantity for that town, region or country has been reached.


Meaning ‘in between’, an online advert that appears in a separate browser window while you wait for a Web page to load. Interstitials are more likely to contain large graphics, streaming presentations, and applets than conventional banner ads.

Investor Relations

Communication between a corporate department/company and its shareholders.

IP Address

A means of identifying the location of a computer on a TCP/IP network. In email broadcasting, the IP address is used by the ISP to identify the sender of the email.


A brand of advanced mail servers which have several advantages over standard SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) mail servers for multi-client, multi-campaign broadcasting.


Internet Service Provider. A company which provides access to the internet.


A platform-independent programming language created by Sun Microsystems, and used to create small applications that enhance a web page’s functionality.


An opening scripting language used in the creation of interactive websites.


A graphic file format.


The spacing of word and letters to vertically align the left and/or right of a column.